Agnieszka Kołacińska 

Toghether with Jakub, Agnieszka (or Aga) won the 120 Hours competition 2017. She is just now finishing her diploma project at The Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.




Jakub Andrzejewski

Together with Agnieszka, Jakub (or Kuba) won the 120 Hours competition 2017. He is currently studying at The Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.




hanna-250x250Hanna Hovland Johanson

Hanna is in the 120 Hours Team and the organizer of the 120 Hours course, and she always has control over everything. She therefore involuntarily became the leader of the group. Hanna is now starting her 4th year of AHO. She is a lovely person who always smiles and makes everyone laugh. If Hanna walks around in a circle with a distant look in her eyes, you better bring her something to eat. Fast.


seweryn-250x250Seweryn Zawada

Together with Hanna, Seweryn is in the 120 Hours Team and was a part of the committee who made the assignment. He is born in Poland, but have lived in Norway since he was 16 years old. He likes motorcycles, classical music (his girlfriend sings classical music) and knows a lot of Polish history. Sweeten is a smart person who always finds solutions to problems and always says something funny.



Johanne Hoffmann

Weird noises often mean that Johanne is nearby. She can be summarized in one word: CATS! Cats on her socks, cats on sweaters, cats on her cellphone and believe it or not: she has a cat.
She is the happiest person we know, has a lot of funny stories and she even talks to sheep.
Johanne is a person you want to have in your group because she is efficient, funny, nice and she  looks like a tiny version of Scarlett Johansson.


tarjei-250x250Tarjei Svalastog

Tarjei unfortunately lost his letter to Hogwarts, and is therefore starting his 4th year of AHO instead. He luckily have Johanne to organize his letters from now on. Tarjei is the wisest person we know and he knows so much about world history, philosophers, composers and ancient civilizations. We even have 15 minutes each day for Tarjei’s Chinese history lesson. If you think that Tarjei is an awkward nerd, you’re right. But he still is the sweetest and coolest person you’ll ever meet.


Sindre Nordli Skjeggestadsindre-250x250

As Sindre said himself: «I just follow Hanna around», and he forms the core in Hanna’s fan club. He is also very musical, plays a lot of different instruments and teaches children how to play. Sindre, together with Hanna (of course), has control over applications, official papers and all the administrative about the course. He is also really funny, has a lot of great ideas and has the most fabulous hair. He just started his 4th year at AHO.


bjørnar-250x250Bjørnar Andersen

Bjørnar needs to be fed every third hour, unless you want to end up dead. He turns into a monster. To prevent this, he always carries a banana or a snickers with him. But when he’s not hangry, Bjørnar is a lovely person. He always laugh and gets everyone in a good mood, and he loves to talk about all his plants, electrical cars and Disney movies. Bjørnar just started his 4th year at AHO.



Kathrine Vangen

Kathrine, which is in her 4th year at AHO, became the travel leader of the group quite quickly. She has travelled the world and knows how to find the cheapest tickets. She sends about 200 mails each day to different embassies, visa offices and travel agencies, and she does a great job! When Kathrine works, she suffers from RBF, more popularly called, resting bitch face. The same if she’s hungry. She can be summarized in these words: nice, happy, crazy, funny, efficient and tired in the mornings.



Torfinn Truchs Erga

The first thing you need to know about Torfinn is that he has a humor that hurts a little. But his good mood and knowledge makes up for everything. He loves to talk, but gets easily uncomfortable if you talk about weird stuff. He’s a little clumsy and has already nearly lost his keys three times just the first week of the semester. Torfinn loves to join all kinds of unions, societies and workshops like SAHO, EASA and NSO, and has a lot of knowledge about building projects like this. Torfinn had an exchange year in Barcelona and is now in his 5th year.