A Visit

Two of us had the opportunity to revisit the site at the Lianmeng school outside of Puan City.

The kids are still running around in the pavilions. And we see now that the variation in roof heights was a very good idea, because they are doing different things in the tall ones than in the the short ones.

The project is still standing. From a distance it looks perfect. The screens are still as tight as they were when we left, and the colour is still as bright.

At a closer look we can see that the wood material in the roofs have dried and shrunk. So now those pavilions with a wooden roof have gotten interesting lines of light coming through them.

In one place the textile has actually torn apart the screws. It was difficult to find wood screws of high quality in china, but nylon is very strong.

There were also some places where screens had started to tear. We assume from a lot of kids playing in them.

We also fund some small graffities which look incredibly charming fur us who don’t speak Chinese. We have no ide what they say, but we like it. It means that they use it and make it their own.

With exception to the roofs, the wood materials seem to be doing good. Even the wood which was moldy when we received it, and which we had to wash, was less moldy now. The wooden floor in the two pavillions without a roof, is aging visibly quicker than the rest.

There has been some repairs. They have been done with a big nail, rather than with a nailgun.

Some batons have been replaced. The care for symmetry might not have been the same as it would have been if we could have done it ourselves. But it means that the project is being both heavily used and maintained. This is not always the case when a group of architects build this kind of project in a culture they are unfamiliar with, so we have been very fortunate.

The pots we made were too small for some of the plants. So the headmaster has replanted them elswhere on the school yard. It looked very well and carefully done.

And the top of the visit was a great meal. We have been longing for this food. Even in the neighboring city of Xingyi we were unable to find as good hotpot as here.

This restaurant was located in a neighborhood which did not exist last time we were here. The concrete skeletons we drove past every day last year have now grown and multiplied at an impressive rate. A city is being formed. It will be interesting to follow the developement of this area in the coming years. The Lianmeng school, the village and the new city around the turn.


Final presentation

This morning we had the final presentation of the project.

Formally speaking we presented the work we have done this semester as two courses. One with 24 study points, and one with 6 study point.

Our tutors were present as well as an external sensor from snøhetta.







The First Roof Structure is in Place!




Nearly all of the floors are finished. We hired four construction workers to help us. It turned out that only one of them was actually a construction worker, but they were all very helpful anyways. They are fast and efficient, and easy to work with despite the lack of a common language.


This is the last week of the project, so we have a lot to finish. The children were also keen to help.